When to Waterproof your Home

The best time to work on your roof is in the in-between seasons. Autumn is ideal if you live in the Western Cape, while spring is better in places that receive rainfall during summer.

The right time for waterproofing areas depends on the region, climate and type of problem you might be experiencing. In general, waterproofing during the incorrect season or time of day causes product or application failures.

Certain regions in South Africa experience winter rainfall whereas others have summer rainfall. The season and time of day is really important when waterproofing roofing, for example. It’s very common to notice a leaking roof during the rainy season, but can only do the necessary waterproofing repairs during the dry season.

A common problem is attempting to repair leaks and waterproof during the rainy season. Equally common is forgetting to waterproof during the dry season as the problem is no longer obvious.

In winter rainfall areas it is best to repair roofs in the early summer – ideally in the morning once the dew has evaporated and before 16h00 when it starts getting cooler. Avoid painting, repairing and waterproofing midday. Ensure roofs are clean and dry.

Correct application is crucial when waterproofing and the technical datasheets should always be closely adhered to.

Shaves Shopping List:

  • Scraper
  • Dulux Pre-Paint Dampshield
  • Gold Label Sheen/Matt (To paint wall after waterproofing your interior)
  • Classic Utility Trayset
  • Masking Tape

For your roof:

  • Dulux Waterproofing Kit
  • Hamiltons 140MM Roof Brush

These products are all available in our stores and make sure you consult in-store for the best method to waterproof your home.

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