Updating your home

5 Ways to update your home for the New Year



  1. Change the layout of your home

Changing the layout of your home can completely change the way it looks and gives your home a fresh updated look. Seeing the same room from a different perspective can open up your mind and encourage creativity and a new found positivity which is perfect to start off your year.


  1. Use wallpaper

This method is the quickest way to update your home without the extra cost, you can easily hop on to the latest interior trends just by changing your wallpaper and be on trend for the year.


Recommended wallpaper: Paintable wallpaper from Wallpaper Inn White on White 2 range


  1. Repaint your room

Try painting a room that you spend the most time in a light, neutral colour such as white, cream, soft grey or beige. These colours expand a room and make it look bigger and more inviting.

Recommended paint: Dekade Gold Label Sheen


  1. Declutter


Organise your space and remove clutter. Clear out things you no longer need, a clear space creates a fresh and open mind.


  1. Makeover the entrance to your home


Simply add new décor near the entrance like potted flowers, a new welcome mat or paint your door a new vibrant colour that will give your home an updated feel for the new year.