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Dreamy Blues

The Best of the Blues.

It doesn’t matter whether you sway towards ocean blue, traditional duck egg or vibrant cobalt – we’ll always be admirers of blue. But where to start when it comes to blue? Which one do you choose? Perhaps the more important question is: how do you choose the best blue for you? To help you navigate the vast selection, we’ve chosen our favourite five from Colour Collection |||, and explained why they made the list…

  • INT – 4 Midnight Blue
  • The first thing to consider is whether you want the blue to be light or dark. Are you looking for a deep royal blue or a softer, more feminine shade? The darkest blue in our collection is Midnight Blue, the perfect statement-maker for feature walls.

  • OT – 7 Ultra Blue
  • For something a little more vibrant, consider the bright and bold Ultra Blue. This trendy and striking shade works best on a selected wall (or two). Use it in spaces that have enough natural light, and complement it with a few key furniture pieces.

  • OT – 5 Nouveau Blue
  • Subtler and more calming than most of the other shades, Nouveau Blue is beautifully understated and could be used anywhere, in any home. There’s no doubt that this would be a timeless addition to the colour palette of your home.

  • KD – 5 Sky Blue
  • From the Kids palette, this bright blue is perfect for children’s bedrooms, playrooms or nurseries, and your opportunity to have fun with a colour you’re unlikely to use anywhere else. Before creating a room inspired by the sky, consider the space in which it’s going to be used. How will it look in the morning light versus the way it looks in the evening?

  • YF – 5 Duck Egg
  • This colour belongs to the Favourites palette for a reason. It’s a ‘dirty’ turquoise that’s instantly soothing, and the kind of blue that makes you feel as though you’re on vacation, at home. You could use this colour anywhere, and you’re guaranteed to create a space that feels cosy and looks classic.

As you may have thought, there are various benefits of all the different shades of blue, making it a tricky choice. If you’re still not sure which blue to choose from, pop into a Shaves store near you and chat to one of our friendly colour specialists.