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The art of using neutrals

And the reasons why we love them…

They stand the test of time
It’s the colour scheme that never goes out of style, and the palette that people keep going back to. Why? Because neutrals never go out of style. Whether you choose shades of greys or light bright whites, neutral colour schemes always deliver a timeless and sophisticated interior. Broadly, they can be divided into warm tones (creams and tans) and cooler tones (whites and greys), so make sure you take your space and lighting into consideration when choosing the right colour for you. The great news is, neutrals are flexible enough to work in any home: traditional, modern, industrial-inspired, minimalist, and every style in between.

You’ll never tire of neutrals
While many people immediately think ‘bland’ or ‘beige’ when they hear the term ‘neutral’, we like to think that the palette has far more to offer. Very rarely will you get bored of neutrals in your home – they last the test of time, without becoming tiresome. Although a bold statement shade can be beautiful, the risk of choosing bold and bright trend specific colours is that over time, they can start to feel outdated. The beauty of neutrals is that they are easily updated by switching up your furniture and finishes.

You can put them anywhere
Used as your interior colour scheme, neutrals can be comforting, warm, and provide a wonderful sense of continuity throughout your home. Consider richer neutrals for a warmer, cosier look. For a fresher or brighter look, start with lighter, cooler colours. When it comes to the home exterior, neutrals are just as useful. Most homeowners are inclined to play it safe with white, ivory or shades of tan, but if you’re looking for something different and don’t know where to start, why not have a look at the Exterior palette from our Colour Collection III?

Texture transforms them
Consider your neutral colours as your blank canvas with endless opportunities for updates. Layering up textures helps to add depth and interest into your space. So, layer rooms with scatter cushions, throws and rugs of different textures in similar shades. Or opt for natural wooden furniture and a vase full of pampas grass to complement your look. Another way to add texture is through textured paintable wallpaper – which offers a rich alternative to the flat walls we’re used to. We’ve just launched our new range of neutral décor in-store, so why not pop in and we’ll help you choose the best fits for you space?

Picking your perfect palette

  • When choosing your neutral colours, hold the swatches closely together so that you can see their differences (if you look at neutral paint swatches individually, you often won’t detect any differences at all).
  • Pick a few neutrals from the same colour family (the colours that sit alongside it on the swatch card) and test them out using tester pots to get a proper feel for what they will look like in your home.
  • Once you’ve painted tester swatches, observe the colour over a day in different light to decide whether they work with your furniture and finishes.
  • Add final touches of décor; personalising your space to make your house feel like home.