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Play with Colour

Colour makes a Comeback

Colour, colour, colour. We live and breathe it. It’s the essence of our brand. So naturally we couldn’t be more excited about this month’s trends. The first (which we’ve called Colour Pop) is a fun-loving, young and carefree approach to colour. The other, (Sectioned Spaces) is subtle and slightly more sophisticated. Both trends are contemporary celebrations of colour but with slightly different approaches. This is the season to flip through paint swatches, choose the colours you’ve had your eye on, and start brightening up your home – one tin at a time.

Let’s Talk Colour Pop

You’ve heard the phrase: ‘just add a pop of colour’ – but this time we truly mean it. Fun, young, daring and bold – the Colour Pop trend is all about enjoying the variety that colour has on offer. This is where paint and décor can push boundaries, in a beautiful way.

It starts with choosing your colour scheme. The colours you bring into your home can be part of the same family (for example: pinks and reds) or complementary (like pastel blues and soft yellows). This will depend on personal preference and suitability to your space. If you consider yourself a little eccentric and courageous with colour either of these combinations will work. But where do these colours go? Not on all four walls. The trick here is using colour strategically on trims, window sills, doors, furniture or decor. Integrating colours into your home can be done in small and impactful ways.

A close relation to this trend is Colour Blocking, which decorators are using in new and innovative ways. This is done using masking tape to mark out geometric shapes which are then painted with multiple colours (onto furniture or walls). If you were considering re-painting your children’s room, this is a terrific trend to consider. Remember, the look works best as a feature wall if 60% or more of your colour scheme is neutral (shades of white, grey or beige).

A Summer for Sectioned Spaces

Sectioned Spaces is a sophisticated colour trend which uses colour in a strategic way. This look is all about defining areas and creating functional spaces. Colour becomes a focal point in a space, and helps define architectural shapes already present in your home. By unifying and delegating areas, colour can make rooms feel bigger and provide you with a focal point. Making a statement is achieved by using rich and bold colours (preferably one or two shades). The tricky question is: how do you know what colour to use?

Here you need to consider the existing colour scheme in your home, to ensure that there’s no colour clashing. Then decide on what type of Sectioned Space you wish to create and what the purpose of the space is. Is it a study space or a relaxing space? How do you want the space to feel? The atmosphere will greatly be affected by the colour you choose. Warm colours such as reds and oranges will make a space seem smaller and cosier. Cooler colours tend to make a space seem larger – so if this is your intention, try to use blues or greys. Where do you paint the colour? Sectioning spaces with colour is a good idea for reading nooks, small verandas, or wall recesses. Other interesting ways of sectioning spaces can be painting your staircase or entranceways and doors, which will immediately make an impact.

Though different, these trends can work in any home, as long as they are done with care. For sophisticated use of colour that will bring function to your space, opt for Sectioned Spaces with a single statement colour. For the bolder and braver of home owners, try the Colour Pop trend and mix and match a variety of shades in geometric shapes.