Outdoor Trends



  1. Outdoor homing

This follows on from the recent indoor-outdoor trend that seeks to create a home space outdoors. This can be done be picking up accent colours from your inside living space and introducing that colour palette into your outdoor area with scatter cushions, throws, rugs and décor accessories. This will soften the outdoor space and create a harmonious flow throughout your home.

  1. Outdoor entertainment areas, Boma fire pits and pizza ovens

There is nothing quite as South African as a braai, but we are looking for something that is both functional and aesthetically appealing to suit the outdoor entertainment area. The trend for multi-functional and aesthetically appealing outdoor entertainment areas has grown.

  1. Zoning

Zoning is a popular trend right now that will certainly extend into 2019. Just as you would create zones inside the home, the outdoor space can also be set into key zones for lounging and dining – rather than just one space for everything. A great way to demarcate and define the different spaces is through the use of rugs.

Credit: Decorex


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