Make-over Project

Organised in Orange

We love a good interior transformation – especially when it looks like this. With the help of Kara Neville from Styled Living, we recently finished a makeover inspired by the Sectioned Spaces trend Colour & Sectioned Spaces. An outdated bedroom with awkward corners and sloping ceilings was in need of a Spring refresh. And with help from the declutter expert, we changed the room from disorganised and mismatched to modern, stylish and polished. What’s left? To tell you how we did it, so you can do the same…

Kara Neville (interior decorator and professional organiser) is capable of converting chaos into calm. A master of decluttering, she helped us make the organising process a breeze. Part of this process meant taking the time to sort through what was worth keeping and what wasn’t. With the hustle and bustle of the festive season on its way, we recommend you do your spring-cleaning now. Start with one room and enjoy the lightness that a thorough spring-clean provides.

After organising and space-making is achieved, the next step is colour. One of the easiest ways to freshen up a room is through a fresh coat of paint. Colour (from our Colour Collection III) was placed on the walls using the Sectioned Spaces trend so that awkward, unexciting areas of a room have purpose and a function. We followed the 60/30/10 ratio rule of decorating. 60% of the room is painted in a neutral colour (in this case Lattice). 30% of the colour scheme is the feature colour (a rich orange named New Gold) and the 10% is made up by the décor items (which were inspired by Forest Green). The final 10% doesn’t have to be used in the form of paint (it can be a side table, rug or scatter cushions). When you pick your three colours, place the swatches next to each other or take home a tester pot to try them out.

Now we’ve covered colour theory, let’s talk finishes: choose between sheen which gives you a glossy finish and matt which provides the opposite. We used Dekade Satin Glow for a silk finish on the walls, which lightens up the room beautifully. For the bed, we used Black Earth in a nonglossy finish. The curtaining also needed a little TLC and so we swopped out the old-fashioned heavy metallic for sheer white eyelets, which gave a fresher, lighter look.

Now that you are inspired by our before and after, why not try to attempt the look in your own home, with your own colour combination? Don’t be overwhelmed by codes, colours, rules and ratios. Simply start by decluttering. Once your space is open and emptier, you will get a better feeling for what you want it to look like and how you want the space to feel. Then move onto colour – keep it simple by starting with our Colour Collection III (it’s been divided into palettes so you can save time choosing from hundreds of similar shades). After that, start considering how to section your space before painting your statement colours. Then place décor and furniture to complement the look. After that, sit back and appreciate your Sectioned Space inspired make-over!

For style tips and decluttering tricks contact Kara on 063 219 7994 or email her on