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The Midas Touch

Inspired by the Greek King who turned everything he touched to gold, the Midas Touch is a new interior and décor trend to consider adding to your home. The luxurious look is achieved using flecks of gold (or copper) on your walls or furniture. Whether it’s in the form of a wallpaper or a paint technique, the look is beautifully decadent, working best as a feature wall in living spaces. Whether you gravitate to rose gold or warmer gold depends on personal taste and your entire home style.

The dreamy wallpaper designs from Wallpaper Inn capture the essence of the Midas Touch fully, while being affordable. Swirling gold weaved into a faux marble design and detailed intricate motifs make this a statement-making wallpaper range. When it comes to this trend, you are going to need to consider what will work with your current décor and furniture. If a wall speckled in gold isn’t to your taste, then there is the option of painting side tables, gilding mirrors, or using golden light fixtures and finishes.

If it’s the smaller finishings you’re planning to embellish with gold, use Annie Sloan Gilding Waxes to create texture and detailing, with ease and less fuss. These are tubes of metallic paints (available in silver, copper and gold) that can be applied with a lint free cloth or a small paint brush. Another option is to simply shop our new and affordable range of décor.