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MEET OUR SPRING TRENDS – Worn and Weathered

Worn and Weathered

The Worn and Weathered effect is one where shabby chic and industrial inspiration combine. This look is intended to create the illusion of time having passed – in the most sophisticated way possible. Achieving the look means one of two things: paint-techniques or wallpaper. Wallpaper is a clever way to achieve the look as it is smooth to the touch, while creating the illusion of being three dimensional. Wallpaper Inn’s selection offers an affordable way to achieve this look. This style (unlike the Midas Touch) is understated luxury.

Something to consider with this trend is that the look shouldn’t be overused in a space. Achieving it means stripping down paint and exposing bricks or sanding to make the wall look distressed. Alternatively, a textured finish can be achieved with paint techniques (such as sponging). The benefits of using a wallpaper are that the weathered look isn’t permanent – when you’re ready for a new one, simply remove it.

When the two looks feature together (a Worn and Weathered wall effect with accents of gold decor) the finish is opulently understated. The two styles contradict and complement each other in the most wonderful way. Alternatively, both of them featuring together means a weathered wall with shimmering metallic specks, giving an equally striking result.