Shaves Blog Post 38

It’s not always black and white

Because sometimes… It’s grey.

There’s no question that greys usurped the reign of creams, and there’s no doubt they’re here to stay. Not only is grey a versatile colour, it’s easy to pair, it hides flaws, dirt, smudges and (simply put) is more interesting than white. Greys continued to grow in popularity as a result of the Scandinavian trend and the fact that they look different depending on what you pair them with. Grey interiors are also calming and provide a retreat in which you can escape the outside world – perhaps a slight exaggeration, but there’s some truth to the fact that any shade of grey has a relaxing quality about it.

What’s important to know is that cooler greys have a blueish undertone while warmer greys have more yellowy brown undertones. A lighter, fresher grey is going to make a space feel open, while a darker one will make a space feel moodier and more glamorous. So, depending on whether you want to create a soothing or dramatic space will affect your choice of grey. And for those that sit somewhere on the colour fence, there’s ‘greige’ – the colour between beige and grey.

Choosing the perfect grey for you means narrowing down options. When doing so, try holding your grey swatches next to each other (or painting your swatches close together) – that way you instantly see which you like best and will make a more informative comparison. Ease the anxiety of making a final choice by taking a tester pot home, and observing the colours in your space over time, in different lights.

Most importantly, remember that grey is just a starting point – the key to a finished, trendy look is texture, texture and more texture. Layering up a space with more tones and textiles means that you keep your space interesting and multi-dimensional (otherwise your grey interior can start to feel a little depressing). When it comes to pairing grey with colours – you can do this with bold, bright hues or soft and gentle pastels – all depending on how you want the room to feel and look.