Dress My Nest 139


Create a space that is as feisty as you are when you dress to impress, whilst keeping it smart and sleek.

Red is a bold colour to use and people tend to stay clear of it when decorating yet can make such a bold eccentric statement in your home.

Here we see the red chairs taking centre stage beneath this simple in design dining table. Upon the table the décor is set to a minimal with white crockery to help tone down as well as blend in with the boldness. Thus creates a simply Scandinavian style, that is sure to make entertaining as exciting as those red chairs.

You can recreate this look or others effectively by using the 60/30/10 rule, 60 % being the table itself, 30% being the red chairs and 10% is the crockery upon the table.

We also recommend the following paint colours to create this look: Fireball (KD – 8), Terra Rose (OT – 12), Ice Cream (KD -1) and Danielle (KD -3) all from Shaves Colour Collection.