Dress My Nest 137


Red and green can be a retro affair, but on a canvas of white it creates a twist on the sophisticatedly modern Scandinavian style.

When decorating your home, the key thing to remember is to bring a piece of you into your design. Adding something quirky that reflects your character can help create a house into a home. If you are a lover of bold colours such as red and green, painting a wall in this bright primary colour can be very daring. If you would prefer to add the colour more subtly into your home, look at adding it through furniture and décor items.

Here we see this locker inspired console standing proudly confident against a white wall, toned tone with incredible glassware and natural elements from the Cacti, thus expressing individual personality without coming across too strong or imidating.

You can create a similar look in your home by painting a piece of furniture in the following colours: Fireball (KD -8) or Terra Rose (OT – 12) in a finish you desire. Visiting one of our décor stores to find beautiful glass and ceramic pots and taking a walk around the garden for some greenery.
We also recommend the following paint colours to create this look: Nouveau Blue (OT – 6) and Forest Floor (OT – 3) from the Shaves Colour Collection III coming soon.