Dress My Nest 132


Would you decorate with Navy?
Navy is extremely versatile and works in almost every style of decor. Use it on the walls when you want to go dark but not quite black. Use it as a contrast against white trim and interesting architectural details. Use it as a way to give a boring box more depth and interest.Navy is the darkest blue and in its true form appears almost black. It gets its name from the uniforms of the British Royal Navy and is associated with uniforms, dress clothing and other traditional sartorial choices. Navy is an elegant and serious colour, and it evokes serious things like tradition, solidity and strength. It is definitely a masculine colour. But it doesn’t have to be sombre. Pair it with crisp white and you get a brisk nautical feel. Put it with bright colours lime green, bright pink and sunny yellow look great with navy and you get something modern and vivacious.

Do you love this look? Here is how you achieve it:
• As brown and navy are robust colours that often appeal to men, these colours in a bedroom or home office can give the space a masculine feel especially when used on walls and furniture.

• Think about adding furniture in dark brown leather or natural wood and consider textiles such as bedding, curtains, accent pillows or area rugs in navy. Furniture with navy upholstery, hardwood flooring and wood panelling. Wallpaper that looks like wood on the walls also present appealing options for a man cave or lounge if you prefer to have something modern and less frilly.

•  Complete the colour palette with other neutrals of white, grey or black and dark or muted shades of green to help soften the dark rich colours.

We recommend the following paint colours to create this look: Polo Stick (CC-1) and  Burnt Bean (AC-8) from the Shave’s Colour Collection II and Imperial Blue (8434-5) from Dekade’s colour range.