Dress My Nest 110

Pinks in all shades don’t have to be all lace and frills; adapt the colour to give your room a cheery and sophisticated look.

People can be scared of decorating with pink, some are very hesitant as it can be such a feminine colour but it doesn’t have to be.
Bold Pinks like cerise and fuchsia can be bold and make a statement that show you are very brave, this would be ideal in an entrance or guest bathroom where you don’t spend a lot of time.
When painting a feature wall a bright pink be sure to complement its boldness with monotone colours such as black and whites paired with sleek cool metallic silver, thus creating an ultra-modern atmosphere.
If painting a feature wall is too much for you using muted pinks work well with natural furniture. You can then upholstery in jungle greens and finish it off with some warm metallic like copper and golds this produces an enticing tropical design.

We can recommend the following paint colours to create this look: Hot Lips (CL-1), Polo Stick (CC-1) and Lady Fern from Shave’s Colour Collection II.