DIY: Valentines Gift Ideas



Mason Jars

Shaves Shopping List:

  • Rustoleum Chalk paint
  • Small, Smooth Paintbrush
  • Scrapper
  • Primer


  • Jars

Steps on how to paint some terracotta pots.

  1. Take a new or old jar (be sure to clean them first, and if there is any mould try and remove it with a mould cleaner).
  2. Prime the jars for a long lasting coat
  3. Then using a small smooth paintbrush paint your desired colour onto the pot.
  4. Allow to dry completely for a few hours. Then you can scrap lightly for that desired antique look.


A Valentine’s Wreath

This cute pink grapevine wreath is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The wreath measures approximately 18×18. Decorated with pink glitter hearts.

Shaves shopping list:

Rustoleum chalked spray



Valentines colour chip bookmarks