DIY Advice: Easter Egg Vases



We are getting into the mood for Easter, and starting with some crafts. All the bright colours just adds a bit of cheeriness to any space.

Shaves Shopping List:

  • Tester pots in various pastel shades. Shaves Colour Collection offer a variety of pastel shades.
  • Primer
  • Paint brushes


  • Stemless wine glasses / tumblers.
  • Foam sponges.
  • Natural filler.
  • Floral stems.


  1. Paint your glasses with a primer to help with the adhesion of the paint.
  1. First paint two layers for a good coverage on the glasses.
  1. Once dry, simply add “Easter Egg” patterns with paint brushes and foam sponges.
  1. Once the pattern is dry, fill the glasses with natural filler (oasis) and faux succulent stems.
  1. Such an easy project to take on but it has such an impact, we love how bright and cheery they turned out! This could also be a fun project for your older kids – or you could even pick up plastic stemless wine glasses and make some with the little ones! The possibilities are endless.