DIY Advice: How to make Decorative Trays

The humble tray is a must-have decor item that has endless uses around the home. From a serving tray, to a storage or display item, the good old tray is as useful as it is decorative!

If you’re on the hunt for “just the right tray”, you’ll notice you’re at the mercy of very limited options in terms of colour, pattern and size, not to mention that they’ve become quite pricey! This simple DIY shows you how to make your own cheaper version at home with endless possibilities in terms of style, size and pattern.

Take a look at the DIY video below and get inspired to create your own. If you have leftover wallpaper you can also use that instead of fabric.

Looking to continue your Middle East theme? Spray the frame metallic with Rust oleum’s gold/ copper spray paint.

To achieve the best look, sand lightly to create some adhesion before spraying.


Credit: Stuart Graham Fabrics. N.p., 2016. Web. 11 Sept. 2016.